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Clerics: Yes
Chanters: Yes
All others: No
Game News
Welcome to the official guild website of The Red Cross! This is a very new guild that accepts only clerics and chanters. We are looking to level up, gear up, and become a great asset for sieges.
Guild News

Recruiting Progress

AshanteZikel, Nov 23, 10 2:14 PM.
Recruiting is going well so far. We are no longer solidly clerics, and our members are a little more spread out level wise. However we still need to keep recruiting and bring in more members, after all at the moment one of our biggest focuses is leveling, and it's easier to level when you can get groups in guild.

Time to Recruit!

AshanteZikel, Nov 14, 10 7:19 PM.
We need to recruit, no way around it. I think we also may introduce a level minimum of 20 soon, to try and get a little more balance in the level of our members
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